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Orange Essential Oil


Everyone loves the refreshing and uplifting aroma that comes from peeling an orange. This essential oil smells exactly like that! Perfect for diffusing or cleaning.

This wonderful and fresh Wild Orange Essential oil is cold-pressed from the Dominican Republic.

Safety caution: Cold-pressed orange can react with the sun, so don't slather it on and go out in the sun or tan. Use while indoors, under clothing or in cleaning or diffusing.


Orange Sugar Scrub
4 oz plastic container or jar
15 drops of Orange essential oil
Coconut oil
White Sugar

Fill jar three-quarters of the way full with coconut oil. Add essential oil. Stir well, then add as much sugar as you can. Stir again. This scrub will make your skin so soft and smooth! It is my favorite. Your skin is going to be so happy. This is good to apply in the shower or during a bath, but can be used at the sink as well.

Citrusy Kitchen Cleaning Blend
3 drops of Wild Orange essential oil
2 drops of Lemon essential oil
2 teaspoons of unscented dish soap (I use Seventh Generation)

Combine all ingredients in a small dish, then add it to warm running water in the sink. Using a sponge or dishcloth, use this water to wipe down all of your countertops, windowsill, stovetop, and other surfaces. You will feel an enhanced mood when cleaning with essential oils.

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