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Black Spruce Essential Oil


+ Picea mariana was steam distilled in Canada.

+ Black Spruce is one of my favorite oils of all time. I love the woodsy aroma.

+ I love the energetic quality of tree oils. They are very grounding, as well as ascending for the height of a tree as well as strong like the trunk of a tree.

+ I started using this oil for pain. It's a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Energetically and clinically this is a superb oil everyone should have on hand. Great to use after bathing on achy muscles or for emotional support. 

After a warm bath or shower, pour a tablespoon of carrier oil into a small bowl. Add 2-3 drops.
Massage starting at the bottom of your feet all the way up. You will very relaxed physically and emotionally.

Recipe for Black Spruce and Copabia Massage Oil for Sore Muscles:

Black Spruce Essential Oil
Copaiba Essential Oil
Carrier Oil (liquid coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, avocado)
Small dish or container
Measuring spoon


Add 15 drops each of black spruce essential oil and copaiba essential oil to a small dish or container. Using the measuring spoon, measure out one tablespoon of carrier oil into the dish or container. Agitate container or stir contents of the dish. Apply on to sore achy muscles for a refreshing and relaxing aromatherapy massage.

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