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Black Pepper Essential Oil


Where I live it’s very cold out, so when I started experiencing muscle soreness and stiffness, I wanted a lovely warming oil to help loosen my muscles and relieve my pain. Black Pepper (Piper nigrum L.) is known for enhancing circulation. It is a warming stimulant. It can be used to improve focus. It can be used in hair oil blends to increase circulation to the scalp. It has been rumored to assist those who are quitting smoking. Black Pepper is also considered to be a carminative, so you can use it topically on the abdomen to relieve cramping, bloating and gas.

+ Black Pepper essential oil has a warm spicy aroma reminiscent of black peppercorns.

+ It is wonderful for support after an intense workout or day of hiking because it promotes circulation.

+ This oil is from India. The Latin name for it is Piper nigrum.

+ Eventide Oils are 100% Pure Aromatherapy Spa Quality Oils. Shipping is super fast and your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed!

+ This oil is considered safe for use during pregnancy.

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