Eventide aromatics & botanicals

Gift for Student

This student survival kit is a must-have for all students!

Rosemary MINI Roll-on: Perfect natural remedy for increasing focus and memory while studying. To use, apply MINI roll-on to the wrists or upper arms before your studies. The aroma of rosemary will directly affect and enhance the memory and learning centers of the brain.

Peppermint MINI Roll-on: Perfect natural remedy for headaches caused by staring at screens or over-working mind. Also fantastic for muscle soreness, digestive issues, and controlling mental frustration. This MINI Roll-on packs a huge punch.

Lavender MINI Roll-on: Lavendar is historically and world-renowned for it's soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect to soothe anxious students into bed for dream time. Also perfect for spot-treating mosquito bites, digestion issues and emotional support.

The kit would not be complete without our famous hemp lipgloss! Hemp is a wonderful lipid! It will soothe and heal the skin on the lips. Also, the lanolin and castor make the lipgloss so nourishing for skin.

Enjoy this luxury aromatherapy set yourself or send it as a gift!

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