Spotlight on Rosemary

Treat yourself to a morning focus ritual using rosemary essential oil.

I often use rosemary first thing in the morning in the diffuser or applied from a roll-on. Nothing helps me focus and concentrate and make the most out of my mornings at work like rosemary essential oil does. For an added benefit add in frankincense, orange or lemon essential oils as well and you will feel like a brand-new person. A moment of mindful self-care in the morning will go a very long way.

Rosemary is known as Remembrance, a plant for memory. Studies show that using rosemary before studying will increase the effectiveness of your study. 

Rosemary has also been used in Medieval hospitals to prevent the spread of disease through herbal smoke cleansing. 

Rosemary opens the lungs for big deep productive breaths. It is truly an essential in my home wellness toolbox.