Aromatherapy for Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects

Today I’m going to share what I used for my vaccine side effects. Before I even start, I need to disclaim that I am not a medical professional and anything I say should not be taken as medical advice. If you have vaccine side effects, contact your medical provider immediately. I feel like that was important to put at the top since this is a hot topic right now.

Shortly after receiving my vaccine (24-48 hrs) I started to experience facial flushing. I have type 2 rosacea so I was not surprised at all. I used some rose water and thought “Oh great, here we go again.” Then I noticed pimples forming all over my face. My rosacea doesn’t normally put pimples all over my face but pimples are relatively harmless. I’m experiencing heated, painful flushing and redness, plus the pimples. I started feeling desperate about what I thought was my rosacea. So I went to my handy rosacea FB group and shared a photo of my skin asking for recommendations or what it looks like. Shortly after people in the group advised me that I should get checked at my doctor for Lupus because this looks more like butterfly rash. I don’t think I have any Lupus, but I do feel like the vaccine gave me a butterfly rash that felt inflamed, painful, extremely hot, uncomfortable and broke the entire area of my face out over the rash. Then I started getting muscle tension in my face, and then facial spasms.

I’ve already heard that this vaccine activates the lymph system and can cause Bell’s Palsey so this facial condition has me on high alert! I’m going to see my doctor today to talk about the side effects and see what he says.

So in the meantime I turned to my aromatherapy. I first used German Chamomile neat on my face. And yes, it turned my face blue! But it was extremely cooling, removed most of the redness, removed the flushing and inflammation, and was overall very emotionally soothing, which was quite helpful because I was very concerned about the condition of my face.

The redness and acne are resolved now, but I'm still getting facial twitching, so I’ve been using the Copaiba neat on my face.

Normally, I would not use an essential oil neat on the face, but the German Chamomile and Copaiba are extremely safe oils. Actually, according to Essential Oil Safety by R. Tisserand Copaiba has no dermal limit, which basically means it can be used neat. I’m no stranger to using Copaiba on my face, I’ve used it cosmetically for a long time, it’s wonderful for skin, so it was an educated and therapeutic decision on my part to use the oils neat on my face. I would not suggest using any alternative oils neat on your face. These are the gentlest of the gentle aromatherapy oils.

Other vaccine side effects include body pain and fear. I’ve heard a lot of women expressing feeling like they’d been hit by a truck after vaccination, and some saying it caused breast pain. And for me at least, it’s by far the only time I’ve had any vaccine side effects in my life besides a sore arm. So do feel free to use aromatherapy for emotional support and anti-inflammation support during your vaccine side effects. You can apply the oil diluted to your entire body, and it would help with pain.

If you need help choosing which oils are right for you feel free to message me!